In the country of Nigeria, lies a simple yet mesmerizing city popular for its beauty and grandeur known as Abuja. The city offers a peaceful ambience for travellers looking for a break from back to back travels. Abuja is a peaceful city with several options to help trigger the release of your endorphins to give you a nice and peaceful feeling. The city has several spots that offer peace from the hustle and bustle of fast-moving life. And help one take in the pompous beauty that mother nature has to offer. We have compiled a list of places where one can enjoy a blissful time in Abuja.

  1. Take A Wild Ride To Yankari Game Reserve

A national park is a place that offers an experience that is the closest thing to nature and peace. Yankari is home to a rich variety of mammals that include Olive baboons, roan antelope, western hartebeest, West African Lion, African bush elephant and several other rare species of mammals only found in the Yanakari national park. An overnight stay at the park’s apartments and a few days ought to do the trick of relaxing one’s heart and mind.

Make certain of taking a dip in the warm spring in the national park, best time to visit is March and April.

  • Touch The Clouds At Obudu Mountain

Another popular and calming destination in Abuja is the Obudu Mountain. The mountain is well known for its beautiful landscape and calming ambience. The clouds forming around the mountain often come down and engulf the peak. The mountain also offers a perfect blend of cool and warm breeze due to its temperate weather. There is also a resort on the mountain to help enhance your peaceful and calming experience.

Pre-book your stay at the resort to avoid inconveniences, best time to visit is October to February.

  • Feel The Might Of The Gurara Waterfall

It is one of the best destinations which is not popular due to its location. The waterfalls offer a soothing and relaxing ambience to their visitors. Gurara Waterfalls is blessed with nice weather, beautiful panoramic views and lush greenery surrounding the region. The location has the potential of transforming into a world-class tourist destination. Similar on the lines of Victoria and Niagara Falls.

Locals believe that waterfalls have therapeutic and healing benefits, best time to visit is October to February.

  • Go Hiking At Wonderland Mountain

The majestic hill is a peaceful location just on the outskirts of the city of Abuja. From the peak of the mountain, one can witness the beautiful horizon that stretches across the skyline of the city. The trek or hike to the top of the mountain is on offer by many local tour agencies available in the city of Abuja. The trek needs minimal effort and the view from the top is worth every second spent.

Check for ‘Toogoodtravels’, which is a local travel agency with professional tour guides, best time to visit is October to February.

  • Visit The Jabi Boat Club

Not exactly a destination, but the club is on the banks of Jabi lake and a well-known destination for travellers looking for water-sport activities. The Jabi Boat Club has become popular with the locals and with tourist’s being brought in by their tour guides. The club is a perfect spot for an all-around entertainment experience with family and friends. And enjoy local delicacies, while creating memories at affordable prices.

Make sure to catch the local band that plays in the evening, best time to visit is October to February

  • Witness Peace At Abuja National Mosque

The National Mosque Of Nigeria is a grand structure that adorns the skyline of Abuja like an ornament. The biggest attraction of the mosque is the massive golden dome that manages to capture one’s attention from far away. Abuja’s National Mosque is a work of excellence and is made open to the public and tourists alike. There is no other place more peaceful and tranquil than a place as holy as a mosque this grand.

Shop for souvenirs in the small mall just next to the parking of the mosque, best time to visit is October to February.

  • View Masterpieces Of Art At Nike Art Gallery

It is one of those destinations that are capable of relaxing and rejuvenate one’s mind and heart. By just mastering the art of using the right colours and right patterns of strokes the art in the gallery can captivate its audience. The gallery is home to some of the most well-known artist’s of Nigeria and its neighbouring countries. Nike art gallery is a place worth the visit for a dive into a land of colours.

Try the local restaurants that lie within the complex of the art gallery and if you like buy a painting as a souvenir, best time to visit is October to February.

  • Mix With The Locals At Maitama Farmers Market

The farmers market is a popular destination among locals and travellers looking to try some of Nigeria’s organic produce. The market features several stalls with all the greens one would expect to find in an African market. But the good thing about the market is that the producers brought in is by farmers themselves and all of it is from their backyard farms. The produce is fresh, and the fruits are sweet and juicy which makes the location a must-visit.

Try the local fruit known as Kiwano or ‘horned melon’, best time to visit is October to February.

  • Go Crazy At Usama Dam

The dam is in the Ushafa Bwari area of Abuja, which is few kilometres ride out from the city. The dam is a popular tourist attraction and a good destination among locals of the region. Usama Dam makes for a perfect peaceful destination for overlooking the lake formed by the dam. And in the majority of the cases a perfect spot for a picnic with family and friends. The spot is also popular with hikers looking for some adventure.

Make sure to go canoeing or fishing in the lake, best time to visit is October to February.

  1. Witness The Mighty Zuma Rock

Often known as the “Gateway to Abuja from Suleja”, the rock is a massive structure that seems to be jutting out of the earth. It is a large monolith made of a special mineral that makes it an igneous intrusion. Zuma rock towers at a massive 300 meters in height and is also features on the 100 Naira note. The stone was once a fort for defense against the invading tribes.

The golf course next to the rock gives a closer view, but the entry to the course is quite expensive, best time to visit is October to February.