From waterfalls to beautiful resorts, there is so much to be engaging in when you’re not seeing the carnival in Calabar.

Cross River is one of the few states in Nigeria that are tourism-conscious. When visiting Cross River, there are many things to look forward to doing and seeing. Here are a few.

  1. Agbokim waterfalls

Agbokim waterfalls is one of the top destinations in Nigeria for adventurers chasing waterfalls. Located about 17km from Ikom and 315km from Calabar, Agbokim Waterfalls is close to the Nigeria-Cameroon border. It has seven streams, each cascading over steep cliff which provides seven-faced falls.

  • Kwa falls

Kwa Falls is another spectacular waterfall located in a narrow, steep gorge on the headwaters of Kwa. Kwa Falls is located in the Oban division of the Cross River National Park. It is characterised by a staircase of 234 steps from the top to bottom. You can also visit the nearby Kwa River Sand Beach.

  • Slave History Museum

The Slave History Museum is located on the site of a 15th-century slave-trading warehouse in Marina Resort, Calabar. The museum has an extensive depiction of the slave trade era in Nigeria and West Africa, and other celebrations of Nigeria’s rich history.

  • Obudu Mountain Resort

One of the most popular destinations in the state, Obudu Mountain Resort is just 45 miles from the border with Cameroon. Obudu Mountain Resort is located in the highlands of Cross River State and so high up that its temperate climate is one of the attractions. Here you can ride cable cars, swim in the springs and even spot rare gorillas.

  • Tinapa Resort

Located 10km from Calabar, Tinapa Resort is an integrated business and leisure resort established by the government of Cross River. One of the most popular attractions here is the water themed park. However, there are many world class facilities like a hotel, arcade, amphitheater and so on.

  • Visit Drill Ranch

Drill Ranch, Pandrillus is located in Boki at the foot of the Afi Mountain about a 5-hour drive from Calabar. Pandrillus is a conservation area where Drill Monkeys are rehabilitated and re-introduced into the wild. You’ll also find other rescued animals like antelopes, parrots and more.

  • Cross River National Park

The Cross River National Park has two separate sections, Okwangwo (established 1991) and Oban (established 1988). The park is known as the Pride of Nigeria and for good reason, it is home to endangered species of animals and plants and has been listed as a biodiversity hotspot.

  • Mary Slessor’s House

Mary Mitchell Slessor was a Christian missionary that arrived Nigerian shores in 1876. She settled in the Akpap Okoyong, Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River State and built the two bedroom mud house with a veranda, a store and a parlour which she called a “Caravan”. This was where she kept the children and twins she saved from death, from the community.

  • Unwind at Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island is an area comprising of three popular plantation-style bars overlooking the nearby Calabar River. It is located in beautiful gardens in Calabar Marina Resort.

  1. Calabar Canival

The Calabar Carnival is the peak of tourism in Cross River, and perhaps the whole of Nigeria. Every December, tourists from all over the world gather for the procession and display of culture and Heritage from Cross River and different parts of Nigeria.